Worship AT SFMC


We often describe our worship as “eclectic” or “blended.”  

In keeping with our Core Values, we seek worship that is organic and authentic. 

We love being an intergenerational community. This means allowing and encouraging the presence of young children. It means involving children, youth and adults of all ages (and abilities) in all areas of worship - including music, scripture reading, media/technology, visual and performing arts. It means utilizing various styles of music in order to involve everyone. 

Due to our relational nature, we tend to be somewhat informal. Our desire however is for our services to be meaningful. This is why we  incorporate both traditional/ liturgical and non-traditional elements. We serve Communion, open to all. We include symbolic use of art and décor.  We incorporate various Bible translations, children’s sermons  and a lot of humor.

We believe, with the 19th century theologian Kierkegaard, that worship is a “drama.”

To paraphrase Kierkegaard, too often the drama taking place has its worship leaders as performers - with God as the prompter and the congregation simply left watching like spectators in an audience.We see our leaders more like prompters for the people in the congregation, who are the actual “performers,” - and God is the audience and focus.

"...Make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred let me show love.

Where there is darkness let me shine light..." (The Brilliance)