Shoreline FMC exists to function as an authentic, biblical community of fully-devoted followers of Jesus, being transformed into His likeness.

Looking Up: We look up to God in prayer and worship. We gather together, drawn into the presence of God, and respond with daily obedience to God in worship. As a community we are characterized by making space for personal and corporate prayer on a consistent basis. 

Growing Down: This aspect characterizes for us a life-long process of spiritual formation and discipleship. We try our best to grow in relationship with God and become more like Him. We do this by "spiritual practices" or disciplines such as prayer, fasting, worship, study, simplicity, solitude, and silence. Another significant aspect of this is the reading and integration of the Bible into daily life. 

Reaching In: At Shoreline Free Methodist we "reach in" toward each other in love and fellowship. In other words, we care for one another. Also, we serve together as a unified group of Christ followers. We find out what gifts God has given to each of us and work together in concert with each other.

Going Out: We go out into our world to Witness to the message of Jesus and serve all people of this world. Jesus has told us to share his story with everyone everywhere, so we do that with excitement and joy. All the while trying to reflect Christ-like compassion and concern for those around us.