Adult Discipleship & Spiritual Formation

God’s intent is that we be “conformed to the likeness of the Son” (Romans 8:29), in other words, that we become more and more like Jesus. In the words of Dallas Willard, the goal of discipleship is to become an apprentice of Jesus. 2 Tim. 3:16 says that scripture is given that we may be “thoroughly equipped for every good work.” It is therefore our desire to grow in our knowledge, understanding and obedience of the bible. This is the work of spiritual formation. We believe it is a life-long work. In fact, Philippians 2:12 encourages us to continually “work out” our salvation.  

Some of the ways that we want to encourage and assist each other in ongoing spiritual formation and discipleship include:

Worship as Spiritual Formation: We believe regular participation in corporate worship fosters ongoing spiritual growth. Through the act of worship itself we are shaped and nourished.

Adult Classes: We offer a variety of Bible studies and topical classes with rotating teachers.

2017-2018 Class Offerings

Fall #1 (beginning September 24th)

Worship: Why We do what We do

(Pastor Jeff & Pastor Jarad)


We have “Worship Services,” “Worship Teams,” and sing “Worship Songs.” But just what is worship and why is it so important? Join with our pastors as they tackle the what, why, who, and how questions of worship; especially why we do certain things the way we do at SFMC.


Fall #2

Being Like Jesus

(Gary Karns)


In order to better comprehend the church’s mandate to make disciples, we will explore the gospels and epistles to learn what it means to be a disciple and the process for becoming like Jesus.  We will consider the challenges presented to the early church and to us that hinder the process.


Winter 2018

Used of God

(Steve Lee)


Throughout history God has continually raised up men and women who brought renewal and change to God's earthly institution, the church. This class will look at a few of these individuals and see how God first brought renewal in their own lives and then in the church.


Lenten Focus

The Means of Grace

(Various Teachers)


Discipleship, it is a word that many of us have heard in church a lot. The call to cultivate a life walking in the ways of God. But so many times this can be a hard journey – if only there were tools to help us along the way! Join us as we explore some “faith habits” or what John Wesley referred to as, “The Means of Grace,” in order to better align our lives along the path.


Spring 2018

beginning April 8th

Moses: The Reluctant Prophet

 (Ken Dixon)

From a baby in danger to the halls of the Pharaohs. From the hills of the shepherds to the leader of the Exodus – the life of Moses is anything but boring. But it is also a calling that Moses was reluctant to embrace. Explore with us this struggle found in all of us as we face the uneasy paths before us and be challenged by the life of this mighty prophet.

Small Groups: We believe that spiritual growth happens best in community, and that we all need the support of others. 

Spiritual Formation Opportunities: Pastor Jeff is exploring different occasional special events, speakers, and activities.